The Story

From an early age I have been fascinated with animals. As a child I would copy pictures from books and posters whilst memorising trivia on a variety of species, and my favourite movies and books all included some form of domestic, wild or even extinct animal. Later in life I sought to expand my technical knowledge and achieved a BSc in Animal Biology, a course which afforded me the opportunity to participate in fieldwork and work closely with many different species, both in captivity and in the wild.

Having focused on scientific study of animals I have recently returned to my first love of drawing them, and I have found that the research and biological knowledge I have gained are endlessly helpful in creating accurate images that attempt to capture the character, unique features and movement of the individual subjects. Working from photographs I had taken myself I initially focused on birds but I plan to expand my portfolio to include members of all animal groups. Sometimes I even draw humans.

You can check out some of my currently available work in the Gallery, and there‚Äôs plenty more to come…including more dinosaurs. I work primarily in pencil and watercolour, and I am happy to accept commissions, so if there is a special picture (of a favourite pet, a loved one or a wild animal) drop me a line on the Contact page and we can arrange something.